EURORAI General Assembly in Mallorca


Picture 1 (EURORAI): View of the stage  
Picture 2 (EURORAI):The outgoing President Friedrich Pammer during his opening speech

Picture 3 (EURORAI): The Secretary General Vicent Cucarella Tormo during the presentation of the report of activities of the last three years
Picture 4 (EURORAI): The new President Joan Rosselló Villalonga during his inaugural address

Brief report including the most significant decisions

Representatives of 44 EURORAI member institutions attended the General Assembly held last 21st October in Mallorca within the framework of the XI EURORAI Congress.

The following agreements were adopted unanimously during the Assembly:

1. Approval of the annual accounts 2019-2021

2. Appointment of the Audit Office of the Autonomous Community of Madrid as auditor of EURORAI's annual accounts for another three-year term

3. Confirmation of the joining of new members:

- Audit Office of Castile La Mancha

- Jersey Audit Office

- Association of Comptrollers for Local Authorities in Lithuania

4. Approval of the modification of the EURORAI Statutes proposed by the Management Committee (a report justifying the proposed amendments and a table with the text of the new statutes compared with the previous statutory provisions are attached).

5. Appointment of the new President and the other members of the Management Committee as well as their respective substitutes.

Furthermore, the General Assembly took note of the fact that there are at present two outstanding membership fees, one corresponding to the year 2018 and the other one to 2019. The Assembly took also note of the withdrawal from EURORAI of two member institutions of the Association, the Court of Audit of Amsterdam and the Court of Audit of the Land of Salzburg.

Subsequently, in his official inaugural address President Joan Rosselló Villalonga presented the EURORAI working programme for the next three years. The General Assembly took note of the programme and approved the draft budget for the years 2023-2025.

Finally, the Assembly gave farewell to the outgoing members of the Management Committee, Dominique Roguez and Friedrich Pammer, who are leaving EURORAI and thanked them for all their services rendered since their first participation in a EURORAI event.

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