EURORAI Seminar in Graz


Picture 1 (EURORAI): Group photo of the seminar delegates
Picture 2 (EURORAI): View of the conference room

Picture 3 (EURORAI): Opening and welcome - Heinz Drobesch, President of the Court of Audit of Styria
Picture 4 (EURORAI): Introduction - Margit Kraker, President of the Court of Audit of Austria and Secretary General of INTOSAI
Picture 5 (EURORAI): Session 1
Picture 6 (EURORAI): Session 2
Picture 7 (EURORAI): Session 3
Picture 8 (EURORAI): Conclusions of moderators
Picture 9 (EURORAI): Closing - Joan Rosselló Villalonga, President of EURORAI

More than 90 delegates coming from 13 different countries attended the EURORAI seminar which took place last 24th May in Graz. The event was hosted by the Court of Audit of Styria and the theme chosen was "Challenges for regional public sector audit institutions related to climate change and its impact on public policies".

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