EURORAI Management Committee meeting in Geneva 

At its last meeting held on 24th March 2017 in Geneva at the invitation of the Internal Audit Service and the Court of Audit of the Republic and Canton of Geneva, the Management Committee of EURORAI agreed to set up a working group for the improvement of communication within and outside EURORAI. A small group of 5-6 EURORAI members from different institutions will work on the chosen subject. It was agreed that the working language would be English. The President of the Audit Office of Andalusia and member of the EURORAI Management Committee, Antonio López, will supervise the work performed by the working group and will submit periodic reports on the results to the committee.

Moreover, the Management Committee approved the joining as full members of the Court of Audit of Vorarlberg and the Court of Audit of Burgenland (both from Austria). Likewise, the Committee decided to accept the request for joining, as associate member, submitted by the Chamber of Control and Accounts of the city of Kazan from Russia. Finally, the Committee also granted the observer status to the Norwegian Association of Local Government Auditors.

Among others, the following subjects were also discussed at the meeting:

  • The current financial situation, where it should be pointed out that there are no outstanding membership fees from the previous year 2016;
  • The modernisation of the EURORAI website and the development of fact sheets on member institutions;
  • The preliminaries concerning the activities planned for 2017 and 2018:
    • A seminar on the theme “Audit of Public Investment in Sport (for example: major events, facilities and other leisure and recreation services related to sport)”, which will be held on 23rd May 2017 in Kazan (Russia);
    • A seminar on the theme “E-government and public audit – analysis of best practices” to be held on 27th October 2017 in Seville (Spain);
    • A seminar on the theme “Conducting audits on cyber- and information security”, which will take place on 19th April 2018 in Rotterdam (Netherlands) on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Audit Chamber of Rotterdam.
The next Management Committee meeting will take place on 26th October 2017 in Seville, on the eve of the seminar on e-government and public audit.


New! Most important decisions adopted at the EURORAI Management Committee meeting held in Metz