VI. The General Secretariat 

Article 12 – Offices and Organization –

The external public finance audit institution of the region where the headquarters of EURORAI are located shall be responsible for the running of the General Secretariat; the Secretariat shall be managed by the secretary general of EURORAI.

Article 13 – Powers and Duties –

The General Secretariat shall:

  1. Prepare the meetings of the Management Committee.

  2. Carry out the decisions adopted by the General Assembly and the Management Committee.

  3. Prepare the draft budget of EURORAI and submit it to the Management Committee.

  4. Collect the membership fees and administer the accounts and coffers of the Association in accordance with the adopted budget.

  5. Submit financial statements and a yearly financial report to the Management Committee.

  6. Implement the budget and keep EURORAI's account books.

  7. Carry out the tasks assigned to it by the General Assembly or the Management Committee.

New! Most important decisions adopted at the EURORAI Management Committee meeting held in Metz