IV. The General Assembly 

Article 5 – Composition –

The General Assembly shall be composed of the presidents or chairmen of the regional external audit institutions which are members of EURORAI, or their representatives.

In order to be validly constituted, an absolute majority of the members must be represented.

Article 6 – Meetings –

  1. An ordinary session of the General Assembly shall take place at least once every three years when convened by the Management Committee.

  2. An extraordinary session of the General Assembly in accordance with the Statutes shall take place when convened by the Management Committee or at the request of at least half of the members of EURORAI.

  3. The General Assembly shall be chaired by the president or chairman of EURORAI.

  4. The minutes of the General Assembly shall be adopted by the Management Committee at its next session.

Article 7 – Voting and Voting Rights –
  1. Without prejudice to the provisions of article 8.B.1, the General Assembly shall adopt resolutions by a majority vote of those members with right to vote present at the meeting.

  2. Each member shall have one vote.

  3. The right to vote shall be lost if payment of the subscription remains unpaid.

Article 8 – Powers –

The General Assembly shall be the supreme body of EURORAI.
  1. The ordinary General Assembly shall have authority to:

    1. Establish the policy that will enable EURORAI to reach its objectives.

    2. Deliberate on the activity reports of the other sections of EURORAI.

    3. Deliberate on the proposals made by one or more members of EURORAI or by the Management Committee.

      1. Adopt a budget for EURORAI for the period between two ordinary sessions of the General Assembly.

      2. Fix the amount of the subscription fees to be satisfied by the members and associated members in accordance with article 14.

      3. Approve the accounts of EURORAI.

    4. Set up technical committees and study groups and determine their functions established at long term.

    5. Elect the other four members of the Management Committee.

    6. Choose the venue for the next General Assembly.

  2. The extraordinary General Assembly has authority to:

    1. Amend the statutes by proposals made either by the Management Committee or by one third of the members of EURORAI with right to vote; the adoption of a resolution requires the majority of two-thirds of the members present at the meeting with a right to vote.

    2. Elaborate rules and regulations for the General Assembly.

    3. Decide the dissolution, merger or absorption of the Association pursuant to the provisions of Article 19.

    4. Adopt, on a proposal from the Management Committee, the payment of any exceptional fees considered necessary. Exceptional fees shall not exceed twenty per cent of the ordinary fees.

    5. Discuss any other matters which justify the calling of an extraordinary General Assembly.

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