Seminars cofinanced by EURORAI 

Collected papers of seminars organized by member institutions with the support of EURORAI

Valencia 1995
Hosted by: Sindicatura de Comptes de la Generalitat Valenciana
“Public Contracts and their Control within the European Union and Spain”

Darmstadt 1997
Hosted by: Hessischer Rechnungshof
“Performance of Audits at Regional and Local level and the Audit of EU Programmes in the Land Hesse”

Lyon 2000

Hosted by: Chambre régionale des comptes de Rhône-Alpes
Performance of Audits in Local Authority Companies

Rouen 2003

Hosted by: Chambre régionale des comptes de Haute-Normandie
Auditing in Hospitals Sector

Toulouse 2003
Hosted by: Chambre régionale des comptes de Midi-Pyrénées
Communicating and Reporting the Audit
(collected papers only available online)

Leipzig 2004
Hosted by: Landesrechnungshof Sachsen-Anhalt
Auditing regional television and broadcasting companies
(collected papers only available online)

Karlsruhe 2005
Hosted by: Rechnungshof Baden-Württemberg
Audit of schools
(collected papers only available online)

Zürich 2005
Hosted by: Finanzkontrolle des Kantons Zürich
International exchange of experiences in the audit of public works
(collected papers only available online)

Wroclaw 2006
Hosted by: National Council of the Regional Chambers of Audit in Poland
Public debt audit”
(collected papers only available online)

Portsmouth 2006
Hosted by: Audit Commission (England)
Planning & delivering a risk based audit with reference to International Standards on Auditing (ISAs)
(collected papers only available online)

Mallorca 2008
Hosted by: Sindicatura de Comptes de les Illes Balears
The institutional status of public sector audit institutions - a comparative study
(collected papers only available online)

Innsbruck 2008
Hosted by: Landesrechnungshof Tirol in co-operation with the Oberösterreichischer Landesrechnungshof
The audit of public subsidies
(collected papers only available online)

Bydgoszcz 2009
Hosted by: Regional Chamber of Audit in Bydgoszcz
The audit of social welfare
(collected papers only available online)

Barcelona 2009
Hosted by: Sindicatura de Comptes de Catalunya
Public Environmental Audit: Challenges and Opportunities for Public Sector Audit Institutions
(collected papers only available online)

Alicante 2010
Hosted by: Sindicatura de Comptes de la Comunitat Valenciana
Public Sector Audit Institutions and the Audit of Public Revenues
(collected papers only available online)

Bad Homburg 2011
Hosted by: Hessischer Rechnungshof
New Public Management in Europe - a status review
(collected papers only available online)

Rostov-on-Don 2011
Hosted by: Chamber of Control and Accounts of Rostov Region
Practical experiences in auditing local government in EURORAI member countries: types of audit, findings, reports and measures taken
(collected papers only available online)

Bordeaux 2012
Hosted by: Regional Audit Chamber of Aquitaine, Poitou-Charentes
Practical experiences in combating fraud and corruption in EURORAI member countries
(collected papers only available online)

Vilnius 2012
Hosted by: Association of Comptrollers for Local Authorities in Lithuania
Quality in regional and local government audits performed by public sector audit institutions in EURORAI member countries
(collected papers only available online)

Suzdal 2013
Hosted by: Accounts Chamber of Vladimir Region
Public Sector Audit and New Information Technologies
(collected papers only available online)

Santa Cruz de Tenerife 2014
Hosted by: Audit Office of the Canary Islands
The audit of local government annual accounts
(collected papers only available online)

Edinburgh 2014
Hosted by: Audit Scotland
Auditing in a period of austerity - a consideration of the impact of the wider economic downturn on the role, coverage and resourcing of public audit
(collected papers only available online)

Saint Petersburg 2015
Hosted by: Chamber of Control and Accounts of Saint Petersburg
Audit of public procurement at regional and local Level
(collected papers only available online)

Dresden 2015
Hosted by: Court of Audit of Saxony
Auditing in the field of culture - exchange of experiences on the audit approach and findings arising particularly from the promotion of high art
(collected papers only available online)

St. Pölten 2016
Hosted by: Court of Audit of Lower Austria
Guidelines of EURORAI for independent regional public sector audit institutions and practical examples of members
(collected papers only available online)

Kazan 2017
Hosted by: Accounts Chamber of the Republic of Tatarstan
Audit of Public Investment in Sport
(collected papers only available online)

Seville 2017
Hosted by: Audit Office of Andalusia
E-Government and Public Audit - Analysis of Best Practices
(collected papers only available online)

Rotterdam 2018
Hosted by: Court of Audit of Rotterdam
Conducting Audits on Cyber- and Information Security
(collected papers only available online)

New! The EURORAI General Secretariat is pleased to inform you that the preliminaries for the seminar on the theme “Audit of Companies owned by local authorities”, which will take place in Székesfehérvar on 18th October 2018, are in an advanced stage and it is for this reason that we would like to ask those interested in attending the event to register and to make their hotel reservation from next July 2nd on and before September 17th, 2018.