VII. Financial Regulations 

Article 14 – Financial Regulations –
  1. The expenses incurred by EURORAI shall be covered by:

    1. Subscriptions from members and associated members as mentioned in Article 8; the subscription fees shall be due at the latest on 30th June of each calendar year.

    2. Grants, donations and other funds provided by regional, national or international entities or individuals.

    3. Proceeds from the sale of publications and from other activities engaged in by EURORAI.

    4. Any other sources approved by the Management Committee.

  2. The external public finance audit institution of the region where the headquarters of EURORAI are located shall provide the necessary staff and premises for the General Secretariat and bear all related costs.

  3. The budget of EURORAI shall include translation expenses.

  4. The General Assembly shall appoint two auditors from amongst the members of EURORAI.
New! Most important decisions adopted at the EURORAI Management Committee meeting held in Metz