II. Composition 

Article 3 – Members –
  1. Any regional external public finance audit institution from any European state may become a member of EURORAI.

  2. The admission of an audit institution is subject to its acceptance of the present Statutes and to the approval of the Management Committee. The General Assembly shall confirm the admission of a new member at its next ordinary session.

  3. Withdrawal from EURORAI shall be effected by written notification to the Management Committee.

  4. The Management Committee may admit other public finance audit institutions as associated members with no right to vote and determine the conditions of said admission. The General Assembly shall confirm at its next ordinary session the admission of these associated members.

  5. The Management Committee may admit as observers other institutions and associations which deal with public sector audit, establish the conditions for an admission of this nature, and conclude those agreements which are considered necessary in this respect. The General Assembly shall be informed and shall give its confirmation on the matter at its next ordinary session.

New! The EURORAI General Secretariat is pleased to inform you that the preliminaries for the seminar on the theme “Audit of Companies owned by local authorities”, which will take place in Székesfehérvar on 18th October 2018, are in an advanced stage and it is for this reason that we would like to ask those interested in attending the event to register and to make their hotel reservation from next July 2nd on and before September 17th, 2018.